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IMG_8064Bill Strong, LCSW, is a Denver native who has been in private practice for over 20 years. He attended graduate school at The University of Denver and received his Masters in Clinical Social Work in 1991. Prior to developing his successful practice, Bill was a staff therapist on the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Units at The Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado. He also has extensive experience in both residential and out-patient treatment for children and families. Bill’s first challenge after Graduate School was in helping develop the IDEAL Program at the Tennison Center for Children and Families. This program provided assistance to children and families who were struggling in a normal educational setting. Bill has also provides a great deal of clinical supervision for other therapists in Denver.

Bill’s current practice is named Strong Solutions for a reason. Instead of traditional “talk” psychotherapy, Bill wants to help his clients find practical solutions to the problems. This approach is a shift from “old-school” therapy.  Bill wants to be helpful from the first session on and will help his clients set goals for their work together. He wants to work his way out of his client’s life instead of fostering dependence to his therapy. “I Have The Power To Change My Life!” is what Strong Solutions is all about.

Bill is up for the challenge to help you take on your struggles! So give him a call at Strong Solutions. He is confident that you will walk out of the first session with ideas that will create shifts in your life!