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shutterstock_125439278Individual therapy with Bill Strong allows the client to set their own goals for what they would like to accomplish in sessions. Bill’s first objective is to assist the client in “getting clear” about what brings them into his office. From then on the work is about finding solutions. Many clients report a more productive experience in therapy when they work with Bill.  They not only feel listened to, but also walk out with specific plans about how to change their self-defeating patterns.

Bill doesn’t constantly bring up a “new issue” when the client reports improvement.  He desires for his clients to “graduate” from their therapy with him and move on feeling more empowered and more in control of their lives. So that this is eventually possible, Bill encourages his clients to learn to problem solve for themselves.  Learning to identify problems and the steps to improve is a lifelong skill he hopes each of his clients can take with them, because nothing drives Bill nuts like hearing a client say, “I was in therapy for about three years” but they are not able to answer what was being worked on.

If you are at a point where you think individual therapy might help, give Bill a call!