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Divorce Consultation

shutterstock_6865864As an accomplished Family Therapist, Bill has a great deal of experience in helping families who are going through a divorce. Bill can help with the process of how to tell the children or how to help them cope. Often the marital conflicts are such that parents have a difficult time in agreeing to parenting plans which are “In the best interests of the children”. In his extensive work as a “Special Advocate”, or what is now called a “Child and Family Investigator” (CFI), Bill has helped parents put their differences aside as they develop a parenting plan. The parents who are successful in agreeing to a plan save themselves (and their children) a lot of heartbreak and money by avoiding a high conflict divorce.

If you are currently involved in a divorce, or are in a post-decree situation that continues to be highly conflictual, give Bill a call and let him assist you in putting the children first. By doing so, you will allow all family members to move on from the marital pain and the hurt from the divorce. And in the process you can save thousands in legal bills. Bill is quick to remind parents that “The best parenting plan is the one that parents agree to.” After all, it is the parents who will need to make the plan work for the family once the judge and lawyers are long gone. Let Bill help you make a parenting plan yourself, instead of asking the court to do it for you.

Divorce is painful enough without making it worse with unnecessary conflicts.  Most parents leave a custody fight feeling more angry with each other and frustrated at how expensive, time consuming the process is.  They also tend to report that the ” the system doesn’t work” and they feel let down by how the Court’s handled their case.  Bill will caution parents that when the courts have to step in to settle their differences, they are in trouble.   Do your best to avoid this fight by meeting with a professional who can help you come up with the best plan for your children.  You may “win” your custody fight, but in the end you and your children will likely lose if the co-parenting conflict continues.

After 15 years of experience, Bill no longer serves in the capacity of a Child and Family Investigator as he would rather help divorcing parents avoid this painful and expensive war.   Call Bill before the legal war begins and find a Strong Solution that will help your children in the long run.    Let’s work together to create a post-divorce plan that’s best for your children.