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Bill believes that “life is about relationships”. This comes from his observations that although many of his clients come into his office for help with their mood, or feel stuck professionally or in other ways, the vast majority seek therapy due to problems in their current relationship or because they feel isolated and lonely. Professional success and achievement only goes so far when a person’s relationships aren’t going well. This is where Relationship Therapy can help.

Bill believes that Couples Therapy is by far the most challenging form of counseling for clients and therapists alike. Usually by the time a couple seeks therapy there is a long history of resentment and unsuccessful attempts by the couple to improve. It is extremely important that the couple see a therapist that is highly skilled in conflict resolution, communication, and addressing intimacy issues. Bill strongly encourages couples to shop around for a therapist whom both individuals feel comfortable with and have confidence in. Couples should walk out of the therapist’s office within the first few sessions feeling that progress has been made.  Expect results from your sessions!  Demand that from each other and the therapist.

Many people find themselves in unsatisfying relationships and are unsure of how to create shifts which improve communication and intimacy. Give Bill a call at Strong Solutions and he will do his best to get your relationship heading in the right direction!