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Children and Families

shutterstock_112040234Bill uses Solution Focused Therapy along with Family Systems Theory to help children and families. In a nutshell, he believes that a child’s behavior must be “listened to” so that its function can be determined. By looking into the “function of the symptom” Bill can assist parents in the development of a plan designed to get the child (and family) back on track. Children tend to either “act-out” or “act-in”. Most of us understand what acting out looks like: school problems, power struggles with parents and teachers, or general defiant behaviors. “Acting-In” usually involves apathy towards activities and responsibilities, depressive symptoms, and generally “not caring” about home and/or school.

Both in his private practice, and while a staff member at The Children’s Hospital and other programs, Bill has worked closely with the child Psychiatrists and Pediatricians. If your child exhibits symptoms consistent with or has been diagnosed with having ADD, ADHD, Mood Disorders, or other conditions; feel free to give Bill a call. He can assist in developing a plan that best suits your child’s needs.

Many parents who meet with Bill express frustration in their past attempts to seeks help for their children/family.  When asked what the past therapist determined or what they were working on with their child about (goals of therapy, progress, clinical insights) the parents often say “We don’t know…the therapist never really talked to us much, other than to schedule the next appointment”.   Bill will share his thoughts about your child, parenting ideas, and helpful clinical information.  He will act as a parenting consultant so that your approach at home becomes part of the solution.

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