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Dating – “Let’s Date Smarter!”

shutterstock_74847772In Bill’s individual work with adults he has noted that many singles seek therapy to assist them with the frustrations of dating. Listening to their experiences has allowed Bill to develop a dating philosophy he calls “Let’s Date Smarter!” which is designed to make the rigors of dating more enjoyable and successful for his clients. With this insight Bill can create dating and relationship strategies that give his clients a newfound confidence in themselves and in the prospects of meeting someone special. Bill believes that so much of life is about relationships and will help you fine-tune your approach to dating so that you can find just the person you’re looking for.  Bill often hears his clients say “I hate dating”…to that he says with a grin “Boy, then I’ll be you’re fun to date!” Meeting with Bill will help you make your dating FUN again, and much more successful!


Bill wants to help you make dating fun again and often says that it seems people forget how to date after age 25! So let’s change that and “Let’s Date Smarter!”  Change how you approach dating and get better results by calling Bill at Strong Solutions!